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At Supercharged, we’re not just reporting the news; we’re shaping it. Our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge storytelling has set us apart in the ever-evolving world of tech journalism.

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An Industry First Ad-Free Experience

Enabled by incredible partners like you, we offer an experience free of traditional web ads. Our ad-free experience has made its way into the hearts of readers from around the world. 

Vast Content, Equally Vast Opportunities

Our newsroom delivers an evergrowing assortment of content. More content for readers to love means more ways for readers to fall in love with you. 

News is Personal

Supercharged offers innovative personalization features for readers — giving them the power on what topics they care about. More personalization for readers means better targeting for you. 

A Historic Roadmap For The Future

Supercharged is on a journey of uncharted territory, looking to rethink how tech news is delivered, consumed, and enjoyed. Don’t miss out on this historic adventure. 

Your next customer is a lightning bolt away

Increase your brand visibility,  engagement, and drive consumer interest in the best of what you have to offer through Supercharged. 

We're proud of the measurable results we've delivered to our partners. And we're only getting started.


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We offer a range of opportunities to suit your needs — limitless possibilities

Partners like you are our lifeblood. From sponsorships, social media campaigns, and tight cooperation, there’s nothing we can’t do together.

Event Partnership

Be one of our partners for our newsroom coverage of Apple and other selected tech events. Leverage from heightened consumer interest, visibility, and traffic. 

Partner With Our Content

Supercharged’s innovative platform means our readers choose their interests — meaning they see the content, products, and services that they love — and that includes you.

Social Media Campaigns

Our campaigns are more than just marketing—they’re an opportunity for you to join forces with a passionate, engaged audience. 

Affiliate Program

Supercharged selectively works with companies on their affiliate programs. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll see if you’re a fit for our audience. 

Newsletter Sponsorship

Partner with our newsletter to get your brand and incredible products in front of the eyes of readers that’ll love you. 

Have An Idea? Let's do it.

From a combination of opportunities, to an entirely new idea you have, we’re 100% flexible and open to trying new and innovative things. 

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We don't do partnerships, we do friendships.

At Supercharged, we believe in more than just partnerships; we foster lasting friendships. Our collaborations are built on trust, creativity, and a shared vision for success, making every endeavor a true partnership of the heart.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Every company’s needs are different; that’s why we will work directly with you to tailor everything we do together precisely for you and your goals. The full arsenal of the entire Supercharged apparatus is at your disposal 24/7. 

Long-Term Success

No matter the fine print, we’re committed to ensuring every friendship and endeavor results in long-term success. We’ll flourish every opportunity to make the most out of it with no strings attached.

Innovation and Resilience

Other sites expect you to adapt to what they offer, but not us. We innovate and personalize every opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Our unwavering commitment to resilience ensures that we can weather challenges and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics, making us a reliable and forward-thinking friend.


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